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Furnish and decorate interiors with a contemporary design, free of those passing trends, with solutions that offer absolute freedom of combination of materials and forms. Contemporary style is available in combination with exclusive Mother-of-Pearl of Glitter lacquers; the curved metal inserts are available in Chrome, Gold or Nickel finish, leather and marble.

The contemporary collection, defined by elegance and understated beauty. This is a collection that has its roots in the “knowhow” in order to reach a technologically advanced and versatile design, dedicated to those who are looking for a new feel for the home, ranging from the living area to the kitchen, from the office to lighting systems. The finest wood types and lacquers “play” with the exclusive metals and leathers, in order to create a concept of living and enjoying the home in timeless beauty.

Charm at first glance, perfect proportions, elegant levity, exclusiveness. These are the themes proposed in the abode furnished with this wonderful mood from the contemporary collection.



For more than fifty years in Cantù, furniture capital city in Brianza, we can find a company which, thanks to its constant stylistic search and its unque- stioned manual skills, designs and creates furniture solutions able to give to the home a taste of refined elegance, in continuous union between past and present.

Rampoldi Creations since then represents a steady benchmark for the classical interiors field, where design and personalisation of each home solution are concrete answers to the most exigent needs of the customers. A lot of manual skills and a huge wood knowledge  The solid wood surfaces are carved and moulded by skilled hands with the help of few tools and a deep knowledge of the artistic design. The art of carving requires a solid knowledge of the wood and a lot of handicraft passion.

Inlay an art which lives through time Inlay is an art still today made as in the past centuries. It is performed exclusively by inlay experts able to create with tiny different pieces of wood wonderful inlays aimed at embellishing plain or round surfaces of classical furniture.