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Lloyds International Gallery offers the best in Italian Design, we bring to you the Art of Luxury Living Our bespoke interiors, ranging from contemporary to classical styles, satisfy the aesthetic visions of the discerning client.

Our professional staff provides support and exceptional guidance to make the process a true partnership. From technical design to finishing touches, Lloyds International Gallery offers innovative ideas and furnishing solutions for an elegant and personalized lifestyle.

Projects, where ideas come to life Lloyd international gallery deal with all what is concerned with furniture, kitchen spaces, executive office, dressing or whole villas/apartment. A path that begins with the birth of a project by the technical department (or by the customer him-self) able to satisfy the elegance requirements, the practical qualities, the image and goes on with the project carrying out and the building site construction. Each step is exclusively pursued by a qualified staff. Inside the showroom space is available to offer a wide range of fabrics, wall papers, tapestries and exclusive trimmings necessary to create unique furniture projects.